Artel Miniatures - Big Bad Mutant New

$ 26.00 CAD

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Brand: Artel "W" Miniatures
Type: Miniature
Collection/Faction: Past and Future Heroes

Yeah, little Agent-with-the-Hood, come to my Forest! I`m Big, I`m Bad - your mission will end there, and your life as well! Oh, and what is that in your "Basket"?!

Sculpted by Maryna Rykina

Miniature for wargames, roleplaying tabletops and collecting, can be assembled with different options, fitting for various settings.

Scale: 28mm

Size: 30mm to the eyes; 52mm total;

The kit contains of 16 parts, including two different sets of mutations.

Material: high quality resin.


Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 50mm base included