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Agricola Dulcinaria Deck New

  • This Is an Expansion to The Agricola Board Game: You Will Need the Agricola Base Game to Play. This Deck Can Be Played on Its Own with The Base Game or In Combination with Any or All Other Expansions.
  • Strategy Board Game: Agricola Is the Classic Game Where Players Take on The Role of 17th Century Farmers and Guide Their Families to Wealth, Health, and Prosperity. Every Game Challenges Players to Make Different Strategic Choices.
  • New Cards: Expansion Deck Contains 120 Cards for Agricola with 60 New Minor Improvements and 60 New Occupations, Almost All of Which Have Never Been Published Before. the Base Game Rules Remain Unchanged.
  • Highly Variable: Game Consists of 14 Rounds, Each with Four Phases. with A Variety of Major and Minor Improvement, Occupation and Action Cards, No Two Games Are Ever the Same. Game Can Be Also Be Played Solo. Looking for More Challenges? This Expansion Can Be Combined with Other Agricola Expansions.
  • Number of Players and Average Playtime: This Fun Board Game for Kids and Adults Can Be Played with 1 to 4 Players and Is Suitable for Ages 12 and Up. the Average Playtime Is 90 Minutes.