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Welcome to another spectacular night, dedicated to the Oscar Awards!
It is the 92nd ceremony and we are sure, it will keep us all, at the edge of our seats!
Tonight, every cinema-loving soul, will have the eyes locked on Hollywood.
Now…, let us start with the Best Director category.
The nominees are:
“Braveheart” by Eduardo Fernández Rodríguez
“Star Wars: Rogue One. The Rebel Attack” by Sancar Buhur
“I am legend” by George Mefsut
“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Andreas Rousounelis
“Transformers” by Volkan Ayhan
“Titanic” by Nikolas “Nikki” Triantafillou
“Green Hornet” by Daniel Zamarbide
“Temptation” by Jesé Pérez Huélamo / Fernando González Sánchez
We don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer, so… the envelope please!
And the Oscar goes to ……”

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