Master Box

MASTER BOX Somewhere in the Middle East. Present day New
$ 15.00 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Master Box?

    "Master Box" Ltd is a dynamically developing enterprise. They have the opportunity to independently produce all the necessary equipment for the manufacturing of models; from the development of the design and documentation to the packaging of the finished goods. "Master Box" Ltd aspires to create multifaceted, emotionally charged products, which will be of interest to a broad range of modelers.

  • 2. Where is Master Box based out of?

    The Master Box model company is based out of Ukraine

  • 3. What kind of products does Master Box make?

    Master Box specialize in highly detailed and characterful plastic model figures. They produce a large range of 1/35 scale military figures and also produce many other subjects including sci-fi, fantasy and legend, and the popular 1/24 scale truckers series.