Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Carthaginian War Elephants Jul-27 Pre-Order

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Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Carthaginian War Elephants

1 Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Catharginian War Elephants pack contains

    • 4 war elephants with howdah
    • 4 mahout elephant riders
    • 10 Carthaginian crew
  • Plastic bases


    War Elephants! No Carthaginian army is complete without them, and you can never have enough in your games of Hail Caesar Epic Battles – this boxed set is the perfect way to add even more pugnacious pachyderms to your ranks! Containing four stunningly detailed multi-part plastic elephants and crew, no Carthaginian commander should ever be without their War Elephants!

    When the Hellenistic king Pyrrhus of Epirus invaded Sicily in the early third century BC, he brought with him a number of Indian elephants, an echo of his cousin Alexander the Great's conquests in Asia. His Carthaginian adversaries were impressed enough with the beasts performance on the battlefield that they founded their own elephant corps. These mighty creatures would continue to live up to their reputation in the Punic Wars, perhaps most famously accompanying Hannibal on his trek through the Alps to invade Italy itself.


    Supplied unpainted & unassembled