Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Carthaginian Division Jul-27 Pre-Order

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Hail Caesar Epic Battles (Punic Wars): Carthaginian Division 


Whether you’re expanding your Carthaginian forces or starting a new army for Hail Caesar Epic Battles, this plastic boxed set is a fantastic way to get a division – the basic building-block of any Hail Caesar army – on the tabletop quickly and efficiently. With all the huge variety of the Carthaginian armies on display, this division boxed set gives you a colourful, varied force with endless hobby and painting opportunities, aided by the included shield decals.

Being primarily a maritime power, and with a wealthy empire stretching around the Mediterranean, Carthage fielded armies composed mainly of mercenaries from those lands under its dominion - fierce Gallic Celts, stoic Iberian warriors, and lightning swift Numidians could all be found in its ranks, all formed around a core of elite Libyan infantry.

The Carthaginian division boxed set contains:

  • The following hard plastic miniatures:
    • 2 mounted Carthaginian commanders
    • 2 mounted Gallic Celt commanders
    • 2 mounted Gallic Celt standard bearers
    • 3 bases of Libyan heavy infantry (20 soldiers each)
    • 6 bases of Gallic Celt warriors (20 soldiers each)
    • 2 bases of Gallic Celt skirmishers with slings
    • 3 bases of Iberian Scutarii warriors (20 soldiers each)
    • 2 bases of Numidian skirmishers with javelins
    • 2 bases of Liby-Pheonician cavalry
    • 2 bases of Numidian cavalry
  • Plastic bases
  • Full colour shield decals

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted