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Tools of the Trade

Craig Argyle

Posted on December 29 2019

Tools of the Trade

As hobbyists we have access to a wide world of tools and supplies to help us get the most out of our experience on the tabletop. Everyday there are some incredible independent companies making even more tools to add to our bag of tricks so to speak.

In a previous article we have explored how to get started collecting an army, here I will look at what other things you will need to get those models painted and on the table.

The list below are my recommended “must have” items. Without them, you will not be able to build your models and have them ready to paint. In no particular order they are:

Glue: You will need glue to put your models together. Plastic models can be assembled with plastic glue, or super glue. Resin or Pewter miniatures will require super glue. The main difference between these two products is plastic glue is a mild solvent and fuses only plastic pieces together. Super glue is a very strong adhesive that will bond plastic/metal/resin to another material.

Hobby Knife: With a hobby knife you can remove the models from their sprues and clean away the remaining imperfections “mould lines” from the moulding process. This can be done by carefully scraping or carving the unneeded parts away from your model. Remember safety first, knives are sharp!

Primer: Once the models have been built, you need to coat your miniature with primer so you can paint it. The primer sticks to the model, the paint we use sticks to the primer. Without priming your models, all of your hard work and artistry would come off the model. Primer can come in a spray can, brush on, or airbrush variety. All methods are equally as good.

Paint and Brushes: Most hobbyists focus on these before the other tools and supplies needed for assembly. There are no “ultimate brand” of paints or brushes. There are varying levels of quality and price as a result. Do not get discouraged by this. The term - “Different strokes for different folks” , applies here literally and figuratively. Use what you find most comfortable to work with, easiest to find near you, and the best value for your budget. After you feel ready to set up your game and take your work to the next level, do some research and go for it! You never know until you test it out first hand.

Everything else you may see in your Friendly Local Gaming Shop can be very useful and fun to have, but not 100% necessary when you first dive into the world of miniature wargaming. In time, you will figure out what works for you and how these extra tools and gadgets can add to your wealth of skills and ability. As with anything, if you keep to the basics and really hone in, you can create a solid foundation to build on in years to come.

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