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Spotlight: Star Wars Legion

Craig Argyle

Posted on November 27 2020

Spotlight: Star Wars Legion

Warfare is an inescapable part of the Star Wars universe, from the blow dealt to the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Hoth to a few Rebel strike teams taking on a legion of stormtroopers stationed on Endor. Seize your chance to get your boots on the ground and lead your troops to victory with Star Wars: Legion, a miniatures game of thrilling infantry battles in the Star Wars universe! 

Star Wars: Legion invites you to join the unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War as the commander of a unique army filled with troopers, powerful ground or repulsor vehicles, and iconic characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

You can build and paint a unique army of miniatures. You can command your troops in battle and devise masterful tactics. And you can conquer your opponent’s army to bring victory to the light side or the dark side!

While innovative mechanics simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the unpainted, easily assembled miniatures give you a canvas to create the Star Wars army you’ve always wanted to lead into battle—whether you fight for the monolithic, oppressive Galactic Empire or the ragtag Rebel Alliance.

The aesthetic of this system appeals to the kid in all Star Wars fans. Transporting us back to that first time we saw that iconic crawl come on the screen, to the moment the party started on Endor. These 28mm miniatures are beautifully sculpted and lovely to paint. Because most of us are already very familiar with the Star Wars universe there is no shortage of inspiration for colours and various weathering effects.

The player friendly rule set lends itself to recreating all of your favourite on screen battles, to ones you have always dreamt of seeing. If you are even the slightest bit interested in Jedi or Sith, these miniatures are perfect to have on display while not being used on the tabletop.

More expansions are being released all the time, bringing even more of your favourite units, characters and vehicles to the battlefield. This game is something to look into further if you enjoy anything and everything from Long ago in a galaxy far far away.

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