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Lemartes is a significant character within the lore of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, specifically associated with the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter. He holds the title of "Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost" and plays a unique and pivotal role within the chapter. Here are some key details about Lemartes:

Title and Role: Lemartes is often referred to as "Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost." His primary role is to serve as the spiritual leader of the chapter and oversee the welfare of those Blood Angels who have succumbed to the genetic flaws of the chapter, specifically the Black Rage and the Red Thirst.

Chaplain and Confessor: Lemartes is a Chaplain of the Blood Angels and serves as both a religious leader and a confessor. He helps his battle-brothers cope with the psychological and spiritual burdens of their genetic afflictions.

The Death Company: One of Lemartes' most critical responsibilities is the leadership of the Death Company, a group of Blood Angels who have been consumed by the Black Rage. These warriors are known for their uncontrollable bloodlust and suicidal fervor in battle. Lemartes leads them into combat, seeking to direct their destructive urges against the enemies of the chapter.

The Rite of Sanguis Irae: Lemartes is responsible for performing the sacred ritual known as the Rite of Sanguis Irae. This ritual involves anointing Death Company members with the blood of a fallen Sanguinary Priest, allowing them to regain a degree of control and focus before entering battle.

Close Combat Expertise: Lemartes is a formidable warrior in his own right. He wields a powerful weapon called "Elmace," a Crozius Arcanum with an integrated Blood Lance, a formidable melee weapon that reflects his skill and prowess in close combat.

Appearance: Lemartes wears distinctive black and red power armor adorned with Blood Angels iconography and the symbols of his chaplaincy. His striking appearance reflects his role as a spiritual leader and warrior.

Symbol of Redemption: Lemartes embodies the Blood Angels' struggle against their genetic flaws and their quest for redemption. He views the Death Company's sacrifices as a means of serving the chapter even in their madness.

Psychic Abilities: Like other characters within the Blood Angels, Lemartes may have access to psychic powers, particularly those associated with the Sanguinary Discipline, which can enhance his combat abilities and inspire his fellow Blood Angels.

This pack contains Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost - a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in four components, and is supplied with a 25mm round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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