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Flagellants are a zealous and fanatical unit within the Cities of Sigmar faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. Here's an overview of Flagellants:

Fanatical Devotion: Flagellants are driven by an intense religious fervor, often arising during times of great upheaval or turmoil within the Mortal Realms. They believe themselves to be instruments of divine retribution, punishing sinners and heretics in the name of their deity.

Self-Flagellation: The defining characteristic of Flagellants is their practice of self-flagellation. They whip themselves with flails and scourges, believing that pain and suffering will cleanse them of their sins and grant them favor in the eyes of their god. This self-mortification also serves to steel their resolve and prepare them for battle.

Unarmored and Unarmed: Flagellants typically eschew traditional armor and weapons, choosing instead to face their enemies bare-chested and unarmed. They believe that their faith alone will protect them from harm, and they trust in their righteous cause to carry them through even the most desperate battles.

Rabid Zealots: In combat, Flagellants fight with wild abandon, throwing themselves into the fray with reckless abandon. They are unafraid of death, seeing martyrdom as the ultimate honor and redemption for their sins. Their ferocity and fanaticism make them terrifying opponents on the battlefield, even to seasoned warriors.

Mob Mentality: Flagellants often gather in large mobs or hordes, drawn together by their shared faith and zealotry. They march to war with banners flying and prayers on their lips, ready to sacrifice themselves in the name of their cause. Their sheer numbers and fervent determination can overwhelm even the most disciplined of foes.

The Will of Sigmar: While Flagellants may belong to various cities and cultures within the Mortal Realms, they all share a common devotion to the god Sigmar, whom they see as the divine protector and avenger of humanity. They believe that by embracing suffering and death in his name, they will earn their place in the afterlife and be rewarded for their sacrifices.

In summary, Flagellants are fervent and fanatical zealots within the Cities of Sigmar faction, driven by a belief in their own righteousness and the divine will of Sigmar. They are willing to endure any hardship and face any foe in pursuit of their holy crusade, making them both feared and respected by allies and enemies alike.

This boxed set contains 10 multi-part plastic Flagellants armed with a mixture of castigating flails and clubs, and includes an optional Prophet.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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