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Scyla Anfingrimm is a unique and fearsome daemonic character associated with the Blades of Khorne Daemons faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar tabletop wargame. Scyla is a particularly notable and powerful daemon, known for his brutality and his affiliation with the Blood God, Khorne. Here's a brief description of Scyla Anfingrimm:

Daemonic Champion: Scyla Anfingrimm is a powerful daemonic champion of Khorne, chosen for his exceptional combat prowess and relentless thirst for bloodshed. He is one of the most renowned and feared warriors in the Blades of Khorne faction.

Appearance: Scyla's physical appearance is grotesque and terrifying, with twisted, daemonic features. He has a hulking and monstrous form, with massive claws and deadly fangs. His body is adorned with brutal Khornate symbols and runes.

Unstoppable Rage: Scyla is known for his unstoppable rage in battle. When he charges into combat, he becomes an unrelenting force of destruction, tearing through enemy ranks with his immense strength and brutality.

Khornate Abilities: As a favored champion of Khorne, Scyla Anfingrimm possesses enhanced combat skills, resilience, and the ability to inspire other Khorne Daemons to greater acts of violence. His presence on the battlefield is both a rallying point for Khornate forces and a harbinger of doom for his enemies.

Unique Origin: Scyla's lore includes a unique origin story, involving a curse from Khorne himself that transformed him into the monstrous being he has become. This curse serves as a constant reminder of the consequences of angering the Blood God.

Leader of Bloodbound: Scyla Anfingrimm often leads forces of Khorne Bloodbound warriors into battle. His leadership ensures that the Bloodbound fight with even greater ferocity, and his relentless assault strikes terror into the hearts of those who face him.

Icon of Khorne's Wrath: Scyla Anfingrimm is a living symbol of Khorne's martial might and the brutal aspects of the Blood God. He embodies the ceaseless rage and bloodlust of Khorne's followers.

In the lore and gameplay of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Scyla Anfingrimm is a formidable and iconic character within the Blades of Khorne Daemons faction. He represents the relentless fury and unyielding brutality of Khorne's chosen champions, making him a central figure in Khorne-aligned armies.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit, and contains 12 components and a Citadel 60mm Round base with which to make Scyla Anfingrimm.

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