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Dungeon Crawl Classics #13: Crypt of The Devil Lich New

Remember the Good Old Days, when Adventures Were Underground, Np Cs Were There to Be Killed, and The Finale of Every Dungeon Was the Dragon on The 20th Level? Those Days Are Back. Dungeon Crawl Classics Don't Waste Your Time with Long-Winded Speeches, Weird Campaign Settings, or Np Cs Who Aren't Meant to Be Killed. Each Adventure Is 100% Good, Solid Dungeon Crawl, with The Monsters You Know, the Traps You Fear, and The Secret Doors You Know Are There Somewhere.
This Special Tournament Module Was Used for The First Annual Dungeon Crawl Classics Open Tournament in At Gen Indy 2004. the Module Includes the Official Tournament Scoring System and Pregenerated Characters, as Well as Almost Two Dozen Illustrated Player Handouts.
An Ancient Prophecy Sends the Heroes Into the Crypt of The Devil Lich to Destroy Her Before She Can Return to Power. Once Inside, They Must Face Horrors that Could only Be Dreamt of By a Mad Half-Drow Half-Fiend Lich!
• the Most Vicious Dungeon Crawl Since Tomb of Horrors, Created in Homage to This Classic with The Goal of Providing an Even Greater Challenge
• an Adventure Destined to Be Legend, Created Collaboratively by 10 Talented Dungeon Designers
• Color! the First Printing Is the First to Feature Color Interior Art (second Printing in B/w)
• the Same Module Enjoyed by 52 Gamers in The First Annual Dungeon Crawl Classics Open Tournament at Gen Con Indy 2004
• 25 Keyed Encounter Areas, Each One a Unique Challenge, with A Whopping 22 Illustrated Player Handouts
• the Longest Dcc to Date -- 96 Pages of Dungeon Crawl Action! Good for Many, Many Sessions of Home Play
• Highlights from The Convention Tournament, Including 2 Pages of Color Photos, the Erol Otus Art of The Convention Winner, a Roster of Heroes Recording All Those Who Tried to Best the Crypt at Gen Con '04, the Tournament Scoring Rules and Pregenerated Characters, and More