Vallejo Game Colour Paint Auxiliary Matt Varnish (70.520)

R$ 18,00

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Vallejo Game Colour Paint Auxiliary Matt Varnish (70.520)

Vallejo Model Color Matt Varnish. Matte acrylic water-based varnish with a new fast-drying formula and an acrylic resin of extraordinary strength and hardness. It dries completely matte so you quickly lose the annoying shine on your miniatures. It protects models against dust and scratches, dirt and moisture. Acrylic varnish can only be applied when the paint layers are completely dried (preferably wait 24 hours with application).

The varnish works best when applied in several thin layers. Give drying time for about 4 hours per layer.

Eyedropper (17ml.)

The unique thing about the Vallejo paints is that they are delivered in a so-called "eyedropper" jar containing 17ml. paint in it. Because of this "eyedropper" you can easily dose the amount of paint and does not dry out the paint so quickly. Of course always prevent the opening from becoming blocked a little. You can easily solve this by releasing the opening with a needle or thin cocktail stick.