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Dice are a fundamental aspect of Warhammer and are used for a variety of purposes throughout the game. Players use dice to determine the success or failure of attacks, saving throws, morale tests, and other actions performed by their units. Games Workshop, the company that produces Warhammer, also sells faction-specific dice sets that are themed to match the colors and symbols of various armies. These dice sets often include specialized dice with unique symbols that correspond to the abilities and characteristics of units within a particular faction. Overall, dice play an integral role in Warhammer, and faction-specific dice sets are a popular accessory among players who want to add a personalized touch to their army.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How are dice used in Warhammer?

    Dice are used in Warhammer for a variety of purposes, such as determining the outcome of attacks, tests, and other actions. The most commonly used dice in Warhammer are six-sided dice (D6) and ten-sided dice (D10), although other types of dice may also be used in some versions of the game.

    In Warhammer, the player typically rolls dice to determine the outcome of actions such as attacking an enemy unit or passing a leadership test. For example, when making an attack with a unit of troops, the player may roll a certain number of D6 dice to determine the number of successful hits they achieve. The number required to hit may depend on various factors such as the target's armor and the attacker's strength, and the number of successful hits may be further modified by various factors such as the target's toughness, cover, or other special abilities. Similarly, when a unit takes damage from an attack or other source, the player may roll dice to determine how many wounds are inflicted, and then use various rules and mechanics to determine which models in the unit are removed as casualties.

    ODice are also used in Warhammer for various other tasks, such as determining the order of play in a game, rolling for random events, and resolving certain spells or special abilities. Overall, dice play a crucial role in determining the outcome of various actions and events in Warhammer.

  • 2. Does each Warhammer army have their own dice?

    No, each Warhammer army does not have its own set of dice. While there may be dice sets available that feature designs or symbols associated with specific armies or factions, these are not necessary to play the game.

    In general, any standard set of dice with the required number of sides can be used in Warhammer, regardless of the army being played. However, some players may choose to use custom dice with symbols or designs that fit their army's theme or aesthetic. For example, a player with an army of space marines may use dice with symbols of skulls or eagles, while a player with a chaos army may use dice with symbols of horns or flames.

    In addition to their infantry, Ogres have access to powerful monsters such as the Mammoth, which can deal a lot of damage and soak up enemy attacks. They also have access to fast-moving cavalry like the Rhinosaurs, which can be used to flank and harass enemy units.

    While using custom dice can add to the overall immersion and enjoyment of the game for some players, it is not a requirement and standard dice can work just as well. Ultimately, the choice of dice used is up to the individual player or group playing the game.

  • 3. Are official Warhammer dice required to play?

    No, official Warhammer dice are not required to play Warhammer. While it can be helpful to have specific dice for Warhammer, especially if they have the symbols and numbers needed for the game, any standard set of dice with the required number of sides can be used instead.

    In general, the dice used in Warhammer are six-sided dice (D6) and ten-sided dice (D10), and some versions of the game may use other types of dice as well. As long as the dice used have the correct number of sides and are rolled fairly, they should be suitable for playing the game.