Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Fujimi?

    Fujimi Mokei Co Ltd. is a Japanese model manufacturer based in Shizuoka Prefecture. It produces plastic model kits of a variety of vehicles, including model aircraft, model cars, model ships and model armored vehicles along with historical structures and science fiction kits. Since "mokei" means "model" in Japanese, "Fujimi Mokei" is often called "Fujimi Model(s)" in English

  • 2. When was Fujimi founded?

    Fujimi was founded in 1948 by Shigekazu Saito and Eiichi Imai as "Fujimi Mokei Kyozaisha", initially producing wooden ship models. In 1961, it started to produce plastic model kits, and the company name was changed to "Fujimi Mokei Co., Ltd.". In the 1960s, it released 1/70 and 1/50 scale airplanes, 1/550 scale warships, 1/44 scale tanks, and historical structures in various scales.

  • 3. Are Fujimi models high quality?

    The Japanese company Fujimi has been one of the benchmarks for civilian vehicles for years, with fantastic models of cars and motorcycles.