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Warhammer Dark Eldar Reavers New
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The Drukhari are a twisted reflection of their craftworld kin. They dwell in the strange realm known as the webway, inhabiting Commorragh – a cyclopean inter-dimensional metropolis rightly feared as the Dark City. The Drukhari feed on negative emotion, dedicating themselves to a non-stop war with realspace in which they strive to inflict as much pain and misery as they possibly can.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Who are Dark Eldar?

    The Dark Eldar are mainly pirates and slavers who prey on targets across the galaxy to feed their unholy appetites for other sentient beings' souls, a terrible desire called "the Thirst." They are also sometimes used as mercenaries by other starfaring species.

  • 2. What is the Dark Eldar playstyle?

    Great Points Efficiency. On top of their damage output, Dark Eldar are just a very points efficient list. They have a lot of low cost, high damage output units. This normally comes with the downside of not being as resilient as other lists. Dark Eldar are fast – use it!

  • 3. Best way to start playing a Dark Eldar army?

    The best kit to start playing Dark Eldar would probably be Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol: Drukhari

  • 4. Who are some popular Dark Eldar characters?

    Asdrubael Vect - supreme overlord of the dark city of Commorragh and of the Dark Eldar as a whole. Lelith Hesperax - Drukhari Succubus of the Wych Cult known as the Cult of Strife. Drazhar - the "Master of Blades," occupies the esteemed position of Executioner, the champion of the Drukhari Order of Incubi. Urien Rakarth - Drukhari and the Master Haemonculus of the Prophets of Flesh coven. A depraved genius in the fields of bodily manipulation and anatomical sculpture, Rakarth's skill as a fleshcrafter is legendary.

  • 5. Are Dark Eldar a good army to play with?

    If you are seeking a competitive army, then the answer depends on the meta at the time, as every army has its ups and downs in the competitive community. Casual players should not worry about good/bad as it's all about fun.

  • 6. Dark Eldar colours?

    Dark with some purple, or iron and rust, or shiny metal, with pink / neon green highlights