The Lord Of The Rings Card Game KHAZAD-DUM NIGHTMARE DECK New

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Upon the release of the game's first deluxe expansion, Khazad-dum, Middle-earth's heroes first departed the Shadows of Mirkwood and embarked upon a perilous journey through the dark and twisting mines of Moria. Their search for the missing Dwarf, Balin, led them far from the familiar locations and foes of the Core Set into a lightless realm populated by hordes of Orcs, Goblins, and Cave Trolls, along with another presence, darker and more sinister than anything they had previously encountered...

Now, you can experience the novelty and terrors of Khazad-dum all over again with Khazad-dum Nightmare Decks, a single set of three twenty-card Nightmare Decks, one for each of its three scenarios: Into the Pit, The Seventh Level, and Flight from Moria.

Nightmare Decks introduce deadly new encounter cards and scenario-specific rules that greatly increase the challenges of the scenarios they enhance, while simultaneously layering subtle plot twists and thematic alterations. The result is that when you play these scenarios in Nightmare Mode, your old strategies may be countered, and if you don't adapt to the new challenges you face, you may quickly meet your doom.