Hasegawa 1/72 JGSDF AH-1S Cobra Chopper New

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-The Bell AH-1S Cobra is an attack helicopter designed to support ground forces.
-The Cobra series was developed from the UH-1 Iroquois for escorting the transport helicopter CH-47 Chinook during the Vietnam War.
-The main improvements from Iroquois are concentrated on the front of the fuselage.
-Irocoy's fuselage front area is reduced to about 1/3, pilots and gunners are arranged in tandem (tandem), stabilizer wings are added on both sides of the fuselage to enhance stability at high speed flight and carry missiles, rockets etc. We use it as a platform.
-The main rotor is a door hinge type rotor, which aims to speed up the aircraft and improve maneuverability.
-The basic armament is the Emerson TAT102 turret mounted on the model, which is a 7.62mm machine gun or a 20mm machine gun. The nose turret linked with the archer's helmet device enables extremely high precision shooting.
-Also, since it is relatively slow attack flight in the low sky, it is easy to be attacked by the enemy, so the cockpit is equipped with bulletproof equipment.
-The Cobra series is mainly used in the US Army and Marine Corps, and the type and shape are different in the Army and Marine Corps.
-The latest type of Army-specification Cobra is the AH-1S Cobra.
-This type replaces the engine with a Lycoming T53-L-703 turboshaft engine and strengthens the power transmission device as the engine output increases.
-Also, the increase in output has provided a margin for the amount of armed equipment.
-The maximum armament is 8 TOW missiles, 38 rockets, 20mm triple cannon at the nose and 760 bullets.
-Also, AH-1S is licensed and manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries, and it is deployed as an anti-tank helicopter in the Ground Self-Defense Force as well.

-Crew: 2 people
-Fuselage length: 13.59m
-Overall height: 3.68m
-Rotor diameter: 13.41m
-Own weight: 2,940kg
-Gross weight: 4,536kg
-Engine: Lycoming T53-L-703 (output 1,800 shp) x 1
-Maximum speed: 315km/h
-Practical climb limit: 3,720m
-Cruising range: 507km
-Fixed armament: 20mm cannon
-External President Armed: TOW missile x 8 rocket x 38