Gamers Grass Highland Bases Oval 90mm (x2)

R$ 83,00

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Highland Bases Oval 90mm

Highland - Oval Bases - Ready Bases - (90mm x 2)

Transform your miniature models with the Highland Bases Oval 90mm. These meticulously crafted bases offer a highland terrain aesthetic, providing a realistic and dynamic foundation for your miniatures.

Replicates the rugged and scenic look of highland landscapes, adding depth and realism to your models. Perfect for larger miniatures, providing a sturdy and expansive base to showcase your models. Each base is intricately designed with realistic textures and features, ensuring a professional finish. 

Made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and resilience. The base maintains its shape and intricate details over time, providing a reliable foundation for your miniatures.

Allows you to create dynamic and engaging scenes. The highland terrain look of the base can evoke various environments, from ancient battlefields to remote wilderness areas, sparking your creativity and helping to bring your visions to life.