Gamers Grass Dry Tuft 6mm Wild Tufts

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Dry Tuft 6mm

Wilds tufts - (6mm x 70)

Enhance your miniature bases and dioramas with the realistic touch of Gamers Grass Dry Tuft 6mm Wild Tufts. These tufts provide a natural, dry, and wild appearance perfect for a variety of landscapes and settings.

Mimics the look of dry, wild grass for added realism, giving your models and terrain a lifelike finish. Ideal for basing miniatures, creating dioramas, and enhancing terrain, suitable for various scales and themes. Self-adhesive backing makes application quick and simple, allowing you to place tufts precisely where you want them.

Made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and resilience. The tufts maintain their shape and color over time, providing lasting enhancements to your miniatures and terrain.

Allows you to create more dynamic and immersive scenes. The dry, wild look of the tufts can evoke various environments, from arid deserts to neglected urban areas, sparking your creativity and helping to bring your visions to life.