Gamers Grass Beige 6mm Wild Tufts

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Beige 6mm Wild Tufts

Wild Tufts - (6mm x 70) 

Bring your miniature landscapes to life with the Gamers Grass Beige 6mm Wild Tufts. These tufts provide a realistic and untamed grass appearance, adding height, depth, and intricate detail to your dioramas, model bases, and terrain projects. Perfect for hobbyists who aim to create natural and dynamic scenes.

Each tuft features an adhesive base, ensuring a hassle-free application to any surface. Suitable for various scales and types of terrain, these tufts can enhance both historical and fantasy settings. 

With Gamers Grass Beige 6mm Wild Tufts, you can achieve a high level of detail and realism in your miniature landscapes. Whether you're creating a bustling battlefield, a serene countryside, or a rugged wilderness, these tufts will bring your creative visions to life with natural, detailed, and easy-to-apply grassy effects.