Gamers Grass Beige 4mm Wild Tufts

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Beige 4mm Wild Tufts

Wild Tufts - (4mm x 70)

Transform your miniature landscapes with the Gamers Grass Beige 4mm Wild Tufts. These tufts offer a realistic and wild grass appearance, adding depth and detail to your dioramas, model bases, and terrain projects. Perfect for hobbyists seeking to enhance the natural look of their creations.

These tufts replicate the appearance of wild grass, providing a lifelike touch to your miniatures. Each tuft features an adhesive base, ensuring a hassle-free application to any surface.

Suitable for a range of environments, from dry desert scenes to lush fields, these tufts provide versatility for any modeling project.

Enhance your miniature bases and dioramas with the Gamers Grass Beige 4mm Wild Tufts. Their natural appearance and easy application make them an essential addition to any hobbyist's toolkit.