Gamers Grass Beige 4mm Small Tufts

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Beige 4mm Small Tufts

Small Tufts - Wild - (4mm x 70)

These tufts are suitable for various scales and types of terrain, making them versatile for different modeling projects. Whether you are working on historical, fantasy, or modern settings, these tufts can add a touch of authenticity to your work. 

The tufts are designed to closely replicate the look and feel of real short, wild grass. Their fine detail and natural color variations help to create a lifelike appearance that enhances the overall realism of your miniature scenes.

Mix and match with other tufts from the Gamers Grass range to create a more varied and natural look in your terrain. You can blend different colors and lengths to achieve a unique appearance.

With Gamers Grass Beige 4mm Small Tufts, you can achieve a high level of detail and realism in your miniature landscapes. Whether you're creating a bustling battlefield, a serene countryside, or a rugged wilderness, these tufts will bring your creative visions to life with natural, detailed, and easy-to-apply grassy effects.