Gamers Grass Basing Bits - Rocks

R$ 99,00

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Basing Bits: Rocks

All Basing Bits are sold unpainted.

Gamers Grass Basing Bits - Rocks is a versatile and high-quality accessory designed to enhance the realism and detail of your miniature bases and terrain pieces. These rock bits are perfect for adding rugged and natural elements to your models, creating an immersive environment on your tabletop.

Made from durable and lightweight resin, ensuring long-lasting use and easy application. The rock bits feature a variety of shapes and sizes, meticulously crafted to replicate natural rock formations, adding a rugged and realistic touch to your bases.

Adds a natural and rugged element to your bases, making your miniatures stand out and creating a more immersive gaming environment. Can be painted to match the specific aesthetic of your army or gaming table, allowing for seamless integration with your existing basing materials and themes.

An excellent choice for hobbyists and modelers looking to add realistic and detailed elements to their miniature bases. These rock bits will enhance both the visual appeal of your models and the overall gaming experience, providing a natural and immersive setting for your tabletop adventures.