Gamers Grass Badlands Bases Round Lip 50mm (x3)

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Badlands Bases Round Lips 50mm

Badlands - Ready Bases - Round Lips - (50mm x 3)

Badlands 50mm Round Bases is a premium base designed to enhance the presentation of many sized miniatures or terrain pieces in tabletop games. This base provides a detailed, rugged environment perfect for badlands or desolate landscapes.

Made from high-quality resin, these bases are durable and easy to work with. They offer a solid platform that can withstand the wear and tear of gameplay while maintaining their detailed appearance.

Adds a realistic and thematic touch to your models, making them stand out on the gaming table. Suitable for various settings including badlands, wastelands, and post-apocalyptic environments. Ideal for showcasing large miniatures such as vehicles, monsters, or centerpiece models, providing a stable and visually appealing base.

Crafted from durable resin, these bases offer a solid and reliable platform for your miniatures.

Excellent choice for hobbyists and modelers looking to create detailed and thematic bases for their large miniatures, enhancing both their visual appeal and the overall gaming experience.