Artel Miniatures Spectral Spinner Prime New

R$ 125,00

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There is no Prime in the Spectral Spinners Cult, they say. But legend has it that in the days of most trying ordeal the mystic Void Wraith can possess some Spectral Spinners’ leaders, giving them incredible powers and ardent hate towards the enemies of the Starborn Ancients. A “Prime possessed” warrior can perform great feats and even completely turn the tables, but never survives the battle of decision.

Miniature for wargames, collecting and role-playing games. Consists of 25 parts, including optional weapons, male and female torso, optional portal and telefrag victim.

Sculpted by Stepan Kotlyarov.

Scale: 28mm.

Size: 34 mm from the feet to the eyes; 60 mm total.

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 50 mm base included.