Warhammer Orks 40K

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Posted on September 15 2021

Warhammer Orks 40K

Warhammer Orks 40K

“The Orcs are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society that knows no stress or angst! Orcs are among the most fearsome, savage, insidious, and most established races in the 41st Millenium. They lack any empathy even toward their race, and they exist as a genetically engineered creation instinct and a DNA-coded sense of purpose. The Orks are among the oldest races in the 41st Millenium, along with the elder being created by the old ones. The then croc would later become what is now known as the race of walks. The elders were a higher form of design, with them possessing many levels of high intelligence. The orcs are their exact opposite, working on pure genetic instinct."

The History of the Warhammer Orks 40K

Millions of years before the evolution of humanity, the mysterious beings known as the old ones, would become embroiled in a galactic war with the ancient Xenos race known as the Necron tear. Despite their advanced technologies and superior numbers, the Necron tear suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of the old ones. 

Thanks to the old ones walk based technology and their subspace network known as the web way, which allowed the old ones to strike and fade at the Necron Tier before they could retaliate as the Necron tier allied themselves with the godlike entities known as the Catan and transformed their species into the robotic constructs, now known as the Necrons in an attempt to defeat their enemies.

The old ones, in response, were forced to engineer new races to serve as soldiers in their war. These races included the L diary, the ration, and the Kanab. As the battle raged on and the conflict began to turn against the old ones, they were forced to create even more races in a desperate attempt to turn the tide against the Necrons.  

Some of these final races created by the old ones included the ape-like Jakarta and a species known as the croc, the ancestors of the modern-day or grace. The orcs are brutal and warlike Xenos species designed from the outset to act as little more than living weapons, treating war with the same reverence that a priest would hold towards their religion.

They are physically strong and immensely durable, able to shrug off wounds that would kill other species. During the final days of the war in heaven, the old ones would begin to take steps to ensure that the croc and their descendants would survive and thrive after their extinction. 

This would result in the old ones instilling artificial strands of DNA into the orc genome, giving particular awkward's the intuitive ability to perform specific tasks to maintain their developing civilization and culture. These individual orcs would be known collectively as odd boys. The term would grow to include many unique types of orc, including McCanney acts who know how to invent, manufacture and maintain various pieces of technology at a genetic level.  Pain boys who supposedly know enough about all coy biology to act as doctors and surgeons and run herds who display incredible patience and linguistic skills by or coit standards making them well-suited for the roles of slave masters and shepherds. 

Other lesser roles include some boys who are mathematical geniuses who operate as accountants and financiers and brew boys who are instinctively skilled chefs and brewers. However, the orcs of today would appear to be a far cry from their croc progenitors, both on a physical and socio-technological level, which leads to the question - Have the orcs effectively evolved in comparison to their ancestors despite the old one's best efforts to preserve the species?

Warhammer 40k ork boss

It's no secret that the crocs do indeed display many critical differences compared to their descendants. These differences would even be noted by the consortium faction, led by Fabio Spile, the former chief apothecary of the Emperor's children traitor Legion as detailed with the following passage from the novel "Clone Lord."

While modern orcs average to a height of three meters tall, if they stood to fully upright posture and can indeed grow larger in direct correlation to their strength and societal status, no modern orcs have managed to reach the heights of the ancient croc. The closest example of more modern getting a physical size of the old croc was last documented around m32 during the "War of the Beast" with the beings known as Prime Orcs. 

As detailed within the novel, one of these beings, "The beast must die," was at first thought to be a statue, but instead, it would be revealed that this statue was an actual orc that stood ten meters tall and was covered head-to-toe in thick armor plating. While still massive by orc standards, this particular prime orc was still shorter than the ancient croc from the days of the war in heaven, which stood an additional two meters taller than this particular prime orc. 

However, the fact that orcs do continue to grow with how much more substantial and higher ranking they become does seem to suggest that if a particular warlord grew powerful enough, the name would one day grow to the size of those older prime orcs and crocs. 

As the size of orcs is also directly tied to the size of a specific war, the orcish is equivalent to an imperial crusade. The simple act of bringing more orcs together can also affect their physical growth, which was again noted during the War of the Beast, where in addition to the prime orcs, there were orcs that were larger than usual. 

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Written By: Simona G

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