Warhammer 40K: Drukhari

Simona Gerasimovska

Posted on May 17 2022

Warhammer 40K: Drukhari


The Drukhari, commonly known as the Dark Eldar, are a deserted and tainted, sadistic, malignant opposites of the Asuryani in the Aeldari Lexicon. The Drukhari are indeed an old and incredibly evolved alien race of magi humanoids, similar to their craftworld relatives.

The Drukhari are vicious to the point of piracy, enslavement, and torture. To launch high-speed attacks, Drukhari armies deploy pro skimmers like Raiders and Ravagers.

The Drukhari are mostly pirates and slavers that prey on targets throughout the galaxy to satisfy their insatiable hunger for the souls of other sentient beings, a dreadful need known as "the Thirst," however they are occasionally recruited as freelancers by many other vicious races.

The Drukhari are large, swift, pale humanoids, especially their warrior castes. Because there is no actual life-giving light within their dark world to produce color, their alabaster skin has a deathly pallor.

Despite their outward attractiveness, the Drukhari are nonetheless hideous monsters by Human standards.

Unlike their Craftworld Aeldari counterparts, the Drukhari do not incorporate their still-potent latent psychic powers into their civilization, and they despise psykers in general.

This is because using psychic skills would simply catch the eye of Slaanesh to the Drukhari, and their spirits are already in danger of being consumed by the Prince of Chaos.


History and Origin

The Drukhari are ruthless reavers who regard the galaxy and its inhabitants as livestock to be subjugated at pleasure. From the depths of the Webway, these extraterrestrial pirates strike strong and swiftly, vanishing before the enemy can respond.

The Drukhari are a distorted mirror image of their craftworld counterparts. They live in the weird realm of the Webway, in Commorragh, a cyclopean, interdimensional city dubbed the "Dark City" for good reason. The Drukhari thrive on negative feelings, dedicating their lives to inflicting that much anguish and misery as they can on the people of all realms.

The actual beginnings of the Drukhari could be traced in secret enclaves amidst the cruelty and mayhem of the awful period of the Aeldari Fall, the great calamity that nearly annihilated the whole Aeldari species. It was a horrific occurrence that not only killed many of the Aeldari kin, but also broke the spatial boundary separating realspace and the Warp, giving birth to Slaanesh, the Chaos God.

The primordial Aeldari had honed their technology and science to the point where they could rewrite the history of planets and dim the radiance of the stars on the fly. In Aeldari civilization, the requirement for labor or hard effort became a distant memory from a harsh past.

With so much power in their hands, the Aeldari Empire's core worlds — once the pinnacle of humanity in the observable universe — became completely focused on personal pleasure and self-gratification.

Existence on the Aeldari core realms was perfect, with extraordinarily clever machines taking care of all the labor and production required to keep an integrated civilization running, allowing the Aeldari to focus on more aesthetic pursuits. The Aeldari became lazy and decadent as their menial tasks were taken good care of them. They began to delve deeper into hedonism as they studied the arts of pleasure.

The Aeldari seem to be the most psychically endowed of all sentient species in the cosmos, and the whispers of their bliss and suffering began to reverberate through place and time as the decadent rot progressively lured them. The reflections of these powerful experiences began to coalesce in the parallel reality of the Immaterium, the Warp, as the changing tidal currents of the chaotic Empyrean can form around the intense emotions emitted by sentient creatures of the physical realm and entice even more of such close spiritual sources of energy to themselves.

The continual flood of wickedness and gluttony flowing from the Aeldari Empire remained unstoppable like a tide within the Warp. It fostered and empowered the fledgling deity of extravagance and amoral pleasure-seeking that formed at its core. The lengthy ages of  Aeldari's hedonistic life had left a huge mark on Chaos' psychic world.

Within the Warp, an indulgent Aeldari civilization was giving birth to a new major Chaos power, which kept growing over multitudes of Terran years, becoming bigger and more powerful and more characterized until it ignited into a nefarious intelligence — a colossally massive and impugn being with a tremendous and endless hunger for Aeldari souls.

The Game

The Drukhari are a savage alien race of tormentors and raiders. The Drukhari, formerly part of a galactic empire, now have every macabre want its supreme intelligence can think of. They believe themselves to be superior to the other races in the galaxy, and they suffer from a soul disease that can only be relieved by the misery of others. Drukhari warriors are swift and agile, each armed with equipment meant to cause immense suffering, and their innate composure elevates their tortuous manner of war to a horrible artform.

Prepare for raids with improved anti-grav vehicles, grotesque vat-grown cyborgs, and swarms of venom-shooting murderers.

Whether you favor Kabalite Warriors' gang-like cartels, bloodsedding Wyches from the arenas, or surgical horror from the Haemonculi (or a combination of all three! ), this book is for you. It includes the history and mythology of the Drukhari, as well as the rules you'll need to use them in your Warhammer 40,000 games.

Drukhari's  grim origins, their horrific obsessions, and the warring factions that compete for control are all contained within this 120-page codex. A display of superbly painted Citadel Miniatures depicting the various power blocs of Commorragh's martial liveries, hedonistic colors, and ghastly features. A wide range of datasheets with tabletop rules for Drukhari army units are also included in the set. 

Oh, we mustn’t forget to mention thearmed wing rules and an expressive Crusade section that help you turn your Drukhari miniatures into a fearsome force ready to strike at the galaxy's frail underbelly and reap the riches. All this and much more!

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