Warhammer 40k: Dark Angels

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Posted on May 13 2022

Warhammer 40k: Dark Angels


The Dark Angels are one of the mightiest, most secretive Loyalist Space Marine Chapters. They were the first of the original 20 Space Marine Legions formed during the 30th Millennium's First Founding.

They are one of the most contradictory races since their actions sometimes do not match their service and allegiance to the Emperor of Mankind. The Dark Angels’ deepest desire is to atone for an ancient crime of betrayal committed against the Emperor's trust during the Horus Heresy over 10,000 years ago.


The Dark Angels have commanded the attention of the Space Marine Chapters since their beginnings as the Ist Legion. The Dark Angels have ceremonies and traditions dating back to the Imperium of Man’s inception, considered as one of the proudest Chapters.

The Dark Angels' beginnings are shrouded in obscurity. Their origin is recorded into the Imperial records, and there are also few mentions of its role in the Emperor's Great Crusade in the early 31st Millennium. The majority of allusions to the Imperium's actions during the terrible Horus Heresy have been removed from its history.

The awful truth of the Dark Angels is that during the Horus Heresy, some of their comrades were corrupted to Chaos. The Renegades were vanquished on the battlefield that devastated the Caliban - Dark Angels' Legion homerealm.

The "Fallen Angels" or simply "The Fallen" are the names given to these survivors by the few Dark Angels who have been provided knowledge of their existence. According to the Chapter's commanders, there is only one way for the Chapter to ever atone for its dishonor and regain the Emperor's faith. Every single member of  the Fallen must be identified and given two choices. Repent  their betrayal or die.

Who are the Dark Angels characters?

The Dark Angels have more special characters and named individuals than nearly any other Warhammer 40K -Space Marines Chapter. They also have miniature analogues on the tabletop. Let's get to know the Dark Angels gang and some of the pleasant people you might run into if you start building a Dark Angels army.

Supreme Grand Master Azrael

Azrael is the Supreme Grand Master and Keeper of the Truth, and is the current leader of the Dark Angels. Because of his high rank, he is privy to many of the Dark Angels' secrets, including Luther's everlasting imprisonment.


Sammael, the Master of the Ravenwing, leads the Dark Angels' jetbike-equipped mobile strike squad into battle. Sammael is known for its lethal power able to quickly deploy armed legions into battle.

Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah

Primaris Zakariah is a new breed of Space Marine known as the Primaris. Despite being one of the Dark Angels' newest soldiers, Zakariah has almost effortlessly earned the Lieutenant cowl and robe, proving he’s worth the title.

Master Lazarus 

Master Lazarus is known for his calmness and control of the situation even in the heat of combat. But do not undermine his wrath nor his weapon Enmity's Edge.


The Grand Master of the Deathwing, a swarm of bone-colored Terminators who prowl the battlefield as steadfast destroyers. Belial, wrapped in ancient Terminator armour, is one of the Dark Angels' most formidable warriors, with a loyalty unrivaled even among his hardy brethren.

Brother Asmodai

There are numerous reasons to fear the Dark Angels, but Brother Asmodai is perhaps the most terrifying of them all. He roots out any form of deviation or heresy as the Master Interrogator-Chaplai. Asmodai is a nightmare interrogator in the chamber and hell on the battlefield. 

Grand Master of Librarians Ezekiel

Ezekiel, the Librarius' captain, is regarded as one of the Dark Angels' most formidable psykers since the reign of Lion El'Jonson. When he isn't fighting, Ezekiel is attempting to preserve the Dark Angels' history, ensuring that the past is never forgotten.


You won't be playing Cypher alongside the other Dark Angels, though he's inextricably linked to them. Being the most wanted angel  in the galaxy, and merely a hint of his death will spark a full crusade to erupt from the Rock.

His intentions are unknown, and it's unclear whether or not this is the same Cypher that appeared during the Horus Heresy. What's known is that  motions appear to be focused on Terra, and that he is coming closer by the day.

The game

Whether you're playing as the Dark Angels, you'll most certainly have a mobile army with land speeders, jet bikes, Ravenwing bikes, and jetfighters.  This emphasis on mobility is highlighted in 9th Edition 40K, where the smaller overall board size allows you to get into the fight even faster and easily tie up opponent troops. Furthermore, Games Workshop recognizes that Dark Angels might be seen as a mixed force, a really dangerous one to fight with. This feature enables the Ravenwing units a motion buff whilst Devastator Doctrine is on. 

All other rules, which complement the Dark Angels' force, follow the same flexible approach. The Dark Angels are commonly conceived of as three armies in one because  they include a base of normal Space Marines, the extremely quick Ravenwing units, and omnipotent Terminator Deathwing troops, the Dark Angels are commonly conceived of as three armies in one. As the conflict progresses and your Space Marine Combat Doctrines change, you'll see that the Tactical Doctrine buffs your non-Deathwing infantry, while the Assault Doctrine gives your Deathwing Terminators re-rolls in melee.

If you want to give your Dark Angels troops a more Dark Angels-like vibe , you'll need certain HQ characters, which will provide you with plenty of extra bonuses and possibilities on the battlefield. Lazarus and Azrael would keep your army alive for as long as possible and inflict some harm, while Librarian Ezekiel cannot be beaten when it comes to throwing psychic powers about.

Then it's time to add some more versatility to your army, concentrating on all three of the Dark Angels' pillars of expertise. An additional unit of Primaris Intercessors is ideal again for core of your army; a wing of Ravenwing bikers is ideal for velocity and inflicting damage by hitting; and a Deathwing Knights Terminator unit is ideal for adding a resilient aspect to your army.

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