Best Tips For Painting Miniatures

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Posted on April 07 2021

Vallejo Paints
Top five tips for painting miniatures for games like Warhammer, Warlord games, Star Wars Legion

1: Create an assembly line. Getting comfortable with painting miniatures takes time but there’s a way to speed up this process by creating your own assembly line. Instead of doing one mini at a time, set up five to seven in a row that are similar and paint them piece by piece focusing on one part of them. (The helmets or boots for example.) This frees up mental energy and you can paint with flow, saving lots of time in the long run.

2: Start with a core beginners set. If there are many sets ranging in price for the hobby you’re interested in, it may be a good idea to start with one of the core sets and build up from there so that the pressure of learning while you go is less intense. Core sets usually offer bonus models, a guide book and multiple armies to start playing right away. Starting out on more expensive sets can be overwhelming and early mistakes are amplified. Build up to it! 

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3: Use quality paint like Vallejo or Army Painter and good brushes like AK Interactive. You might think simple craft paint and a brush you found at the grocery store could be fun to play around with when you’re starting out, but more specific paints and quality brushes are needed to achieve maximum efficiency and take your hobby to the next level! 

The gritty paint made by Vallejo and Army Painter is a good example, it’s specially textured for use on minis and terrain. AK also makes a variety of brushes for different uses, it’s great to have thin brushes for small details and larger ones for buildings or terrain. Don’t forget to thin the paint with a little water and find that perfect consistency you’re looking for. Test this on a piece of paper to see how it will look before applying. 

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For keeping your brushes clean I would suggest the Original B&J Masters Paint Brush Cleaner and Preserver.  And be sure to leave brushes face up when soaking in water so you don’t bend the bristles over time. 

4: Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Patience is key with painting minis, so if you aren’t happy with your work, don’t be afraid to strip it down and start over. Tamiya Paint Remover is a great way to strip down your minis. You can also keep one of your first painted models as a measuring stick for your progress. This can be a helpful tool to see how much you’ve improved. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Every time you paint your skills will continue to improve. 

5: Ready to take the next step? Airbrushing allows you to take your game to the next level. With this tool in your arsenal, you will be able to achieve new desired effects and techniques previously not possible with just a brush. Airbrushing is also a great way to base coat large projects in one go and saves you money on spray primers. Check out the entry level Iwata Neo Airbrushing Kit!

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