Mantic Armada

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Posted on November 06 2021

Mantic Armada

Are you ready for adventure on the high seas? This exciting two-player set contains everything you need to fight epic battles on the oceans of Pannithor. Mantic Armada, the Game of Epic Naval Warfare, is an artwork, including the design of the whole box. 


This is a fantasy naval warfare game, not a historical warfare game, for those who aren’t familiar with it. There are orcs and zombies, which is pretty cool. 


How to play Mantic Armada?


KOW Armada is a naval battle game by Mantic Games in which two fantasy fleets see each other’s faces at sea and fight for total control. In this article, we will be talking about scenarios. 


We already know our fleet, we have already mounted it, painted it and it is time to lift anchors, set sail and sail in search of enemies, conquer the seas and expand our treasures with hundreds of coins.


In the basic rules of the game, we will have 10 different missions, each with its own unique rules and conditions of victory. The developers wanted to have a combination of the most typical naval objectives and slightly more fantastic missions that represent the magic and monsters of Pannithor by creating these scenarios.


These missions are usually played in play spaces of at least 120cm x 90cm for small games with two to four boats per side. Scenarios take this minimum play area size as a reference when describing their configuration, but these work best with a play area of 120cm x 120cm.


Remember that the standard fleet sizes of the game are by the 200 - 250 game points which gives us a minimum of four to five boats respectively per side. For games with higher scores, they can be played in larger areas such as 180cm x 120cm.


The 10 missions included in the book are *:


  • Maritime Patrol
  • Capture the Kraken
  • The Vortex
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Hunt the Flagship
  • A Storm is Brewing
  • Attack Waves
  • Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Treaty and Treachery
  • Plant the Flag


The biggest challenge is to learn how to play the Maritime Patrol and see how many opponent’s boats you can destroy. Come on, a lifelong killer!


This scenario is designed for only three or four boats, with a total of approximately points of 100. It is also advisable to play this learning mission without any terrain element. Of course, once you’re comfortable with the mechanics of the game, it’s time to start embarking on more complex missions!


Capturing the Kraken is a mission in which a fearsome ocean monster is sweeping the ships and everything in its path. Players get points for wounding the beast and clearly for sinking the enemy fleet.


Meanwhile, The X marks the spot, is a typical story of treasures on the high seas. Two small islands are placed in the play area. ¡ Each is filled with Don Silva’s elusive treasure! 


At the end of each turn, boats less than 3" from the islands will get PV. Smaller boats will find it much easier to approach the islands, but they can only transport a limited amount of treasure. 


 As a result, they will need to unload their treasure to the larger ships. However, if a ship is destroyed or boarded it will lose its spoils so you need to balance between protecting your fleet and capturing as much gold as possible, including that of your opponent.


Here are some examples of the missions we can enjoy in this game. As you can see, they are very varied and fun, full of action and with scenes of piracy that will fascinate us all.


Each of these missions will offer us a totally different experience and we hope you will be able to try them all and tell us what is your favorite?


See you at the next one, don’t forget to repair the helmets when they’re in port, fill the holds with supplies and load up enough ammunition and gunpowder, you never know what we’ll find at sea! And don’t forget to visit our shop and find your favorite game!

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