Kings of War: A Storm in the Shires

Simona Gerasimovska

Posted on February 20 2022

Kings of War: A Storm in the Shires

Kings of War: A Storm in the Shires set presents the brave halflings defending their peaceful Shires from the Riftforged Orcs. This startes by Mantic Games involve a painting guide, 87 miniatures, and all the rules needed to play the game. Kings of War offers a great opportunity to players to begin their brutal journey in the Pannithor's world of fantasy.

Content of Kings of War: A Storm in the Shires

  • 1x Resin Stormbringer on Manticore
  • 4x Riftforged Orc Infantry Sprue (enough for 40 Riftforged Orcs)
  • 1x Resin Muster Captain on Aralez
  • 3x Halflings Sprue (enough for 30 Halflings and 15 Halfling Cavalry)
  • 30x 20x20mm Bases
  • 40x 25x25mm Bases
  • 17x 25x50mm Cavalry Bases
  • 1x Kings of War Gamer’s Edition rulebook
  • 1x A5 Storm in the Shires Book

Who are the Halflings?
The Halflings love enjoying the pleasures of life, but at the same time they are willing to do anything to protect those things from anyone, if they think it will be taken from them. They will defend their own at any cost showing their courage and bravery. The Halflings can generous, kind, and gentle. Still, they can equally be pragmatic, cold, and utterly ruthless. 

And the Riftforged Orcs?

The legendary Riftforged Orcs are known of their long myriad campaigns. They fought battle after battle in Garkan’s name, hunting in the second circle, braving the fires of the fourth circle, enduring the tortures of the third circle, and battling the champions of the fifth circle.

In the Abyss, death is not the end, and the Orcs are fighting again and again, falling and fighting again. The resurrection was making them more stronger, skilled, and cannier. 

Enjoy the battles by ordering this splendid set from our shop! Wishing you luck!



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