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Posted on August 25 2021

Island Assault! - Bolt Action Warlord Games

Get ready for battle and prepare for the defenses! The Bolt Action: Island Assault! The Starter Set made by Warlord Games is now available! 

To relive the collision between different nations, Warlord Games made the most excellent minis for you to play! Have you ever felt that the historical conflict of World War Two was so intense and action-packed that it makes you want to explore the dangers and adventures that the soldiers have experienced? Starting from the Band Brothers Starter Set focused on the European Theatre during the D-Day, now we have the latest set that will bring you to the extreme encounters in the Pacific! Engage yourself in the fierce warfare of the United States Marine Corps against the Japanese Island Defenders through the ferocious history of war! 

As we move on from the destructive battle in Europe, Soviet Union, and North Africa, that was fought in a vast land of open ground with massive battalions of armies with tanks and infantry, immerse in the series of relatively small islands, together with the densely packed jungles protected by the sea in the Pacific campaign! Go on a campaign of island-hopping executed by the United States to recover Japanese advances. Not a single island will be left out from battle and action. 

Island Assault! Includes the 2nd Edition of Bolt Action rules, together with a scenario booklet to help you on how to play the game. Enjoy two unique forces in this box set. Gather your army and fight through the chaos to defeat your chosen enemies!


  • Bolt Action A5 rule book and Island Assault Booklet
  • From a starter player's perspective, it is imperative to know the core parts of the game. It is excellent that Warlord Company provides rule books when you buy this bundle so that you will not spend extra money on it. On the other hand, the former players who have been a fan of playing Warlord Games, of course, come to buy the box set for the miniatures, and the book may be an added reference.

      • 1 Pillbox and 2 Spider Holes (exclusive to this set) act as a specific scenario terrain. If you are trying to fill out a table, it can act as an additional accent to the gameplay. To simplify, it is a niche item that can come into great use in the Pacific Theatre. Another great bonus in the bundle box!. More importantly, it will come in handy if you are planning on playing the campaign books. Moreover, it can be a terrific set-up for attack and defense circumstances.
      • Pin Marker Sprue and Template Sprue can come in handy in marking artillery and other vital things in the game. Always needed and convenient to get them as part of the bundle.
      • The box set also comes with six order dice for each faction! Which is a total of 12 order dice. These two separate sets of dice are similar enough in color, so you may probably combine them. Go to your local gaming club and play a whole game of Bolt Action with different players. 
      • Also has a regular D6-die that can be handy for the players who are just getting into the game for the first time or for those who will buy their first box of miniatures ever to open. However, it may not be enough in terms of quantity.
  • Twenty four Imperial Japanese Army Soldiers
  • 1 Chi-Ha Tank for the Japanese
  • Twenty four United States Marines
  • 1 M3A1 Half-track

  • All of these pieces are available in the basic version of Island Assault! box set, and it costs around $160CAD*. Save 15% off by buying through us at Tistaminis! (Regular Retail Price of $187CAD*).

    Standard Version Bolt Action: Island Assault! Price Per Piece: 

  • M3A1 Half-track, which of course, is the United States Half-track that can be bought in just  $33.99CAD*. However, it can be said that it is a little bit on the expensive side when you think about the staying power of these vehicles on the battlefield, which is not that much. Additionally, you might want to consider that they are not too big, to begin with. Overall, it is a nice element to have on the action. 
  • The Chi-Ha Tank from the Japanese comes in at $41CAD*, which is an average price rate for most tanks that Warlord Games sell. It is good that they do go on sale but not as frequently as some of the other contents of the box set. Moreover, it is a valuable asset to have a good, sturdy, reliable medium tank for Bolt Action enthusiasts.
    • The United States Marines Infantry Box Set that is adjusted due to the number of sprues that you will be getting can be bought at a price of $48CAD*. This can be considered as a fair deal since there are times that sprues can be on sale, which is a good thing for those who are not familiar with sprue sales. 
    • For the Japanese Infantry, it costs the same as the US Marines that come in four sprues, giving you a total of 24 models. Take note that the price is adjusted off from the regular box set price for $48CAD*.
    • The A5 Rule Book would come in a smaller paperback version if you are going to buy it individually, and compared to the PDF version of the rulebook, its value would be at a price of $36CAD*. This item may frequently go on sale, and it is highly recommended to buy the literature you set your mind onto when it does go on sale since the core rulebook is an undeniable must-have. After all, it would not be a starter set without having one. 
    • The Pillbox may come at a value of $17CAD*. However, Warlord Games' site does not sell the Pillbox and Spider Holes separately from the standard box set, but there are those resin pop-up pillboxes on the site that cost $15CAD*.
    • The 12 Warlord Order Dice are valued at $32CAD*. These order dice are not cheap, which makes buying the bundle box better since Warlord included them. 
    • The Template and Pin Marker Sprues are valued at $26CAD* on the site, but these things are on sale all the time.

    With models, terrain, rules, and order dice put together; it would be a total of $281.99CAD*. If you buy the Standard Bundle Box, you will save a lot of money. 

    If you are interested in increasing the amount and quality of your army and gameplay,  Warlord Games offers Bolt Action: Island Assault! expansion packs, just in case that you want more quantity of units to play with, especially if you are a competitive player.


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