The Complete Guide to Buying Gundam Model Kits in Canada

The Complete Guide to Buying Gundam Model Kits in Canada

Choosing the Right Gundam Kit

Popular fan favourite Gundam Kits

When it comes to buying a Gundam model kit, there are several factors you should consider. First, decide on the type of kit that you'd like to build - such as a standard plastic model kit or a more detailed and intricate High Grade (HG) model kit. Next, think about the size of kit that suits your tastes; 1/144, 1/100 and 1/60 are the most popular sizes amongst Gundam collectors. Finally, decide which series of Gundam kits you want to buy; they come in an array of colours, styles and special edition designs. Once you've made those decisions, the rest is up to you!

While there are hundreds of Gundam model kits available on the market, some series have become particular fan favourites amongst collectors. For example, the Build Fighters series consists of uniquely designed kits as well as Mega Size models that contain an impressive amount of detail for their size. The High Grade Universal Century line features classic designs from both the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime and movies like Char's Counterattack. Meanwhile, the Real Grade series offers remarkably detailed and highly articulated 1/60 scale kits which are a perfect choice for intermediate to advanced modellers.

Gundam Grades

Gundam models are typically grouped into different "grades" based on their level of complexity and detail.

The most basic grade is the 1/144 scale, which is a small, snap-together kit with limited articulation.

The next grade up is the 1/100 scale, which is slightly larger and has more articulation, but still requires some snap-fitting.

The highest grade is the Master Grade (MG) line, which is typically 1/100 scale and has a high level of detail and articulation. There are also other grades such as Real Grade (RG) that focus on highly detailed and accurate representation of the original design.

Building Gundam models typically requires a few basic tools. Some of the most commonly used tools include:

1. Cutting pliers: Used to cut plastic parts from the sprue, or the plastic frame they are attached to.

2. Hobby knife: Used to trim away any excess plastic and make precise cuts on small parts.

3. Tweezers: Used to hold small parts while gluing or painting.

4. File: Used to smooth out any rough edges or to shape plastic parts.

5. Sandpaper: Used to smooth out any rough surfaces or to shape plastic parts.

6. Small screwdriver: Used for removing screws and adjusting the internal mechanical parts of the model.

7. Plastic cement: Used to glue plastic parts together.

8.Paint brushes: Used for painting the model.

9.Acrylic paint: Used to paint the model.

Topcoat spray: Used to protect the paint job and give a glossy finish.

Additionally, some more advanced builders may use other tools like a Dremel for advanced sanding, a airbrush for painting, and pin vise for drilling small holes for parts.

Best Value Gundam Kits?

The best value Gundam kits depend on the individual's preferences and budget. However, some of the most popular and widely-regarded as good value are:

  1. High Grade (HG) kits: These kits are a good balance between price and quality. They typically have good detail and articulation and are relatively affordable.

  2. Master Grade (MG) kits: These kits are more expensive than HG kits but offer a higher level of detail and articulation. They are also more complex to build and require more skill.

  3. Real Grade (RG) kits: These kits offer an exceptional level of detail and accuracy, but also come with a higher price point. They are highly popular among advanced builders.

  4. Perfect Grade (PG) kits: These kits offer the highest level of detail, accuracy, and articulation, and also come with a high price point. These kits are highly popular among advanced builders and collectors.

  5. No Grade (NG) kits: These kits are typically very simple and affordable, and are suitable for beginners or those on a budget.

Ultimately, the best value Gundam kit will depend on your personal preferences and budget, as well as your skill level as a builder. It's always a good idea to read reviews and watch build videos before purchasing a kit to get an idea of what to expect and to decide which kit is best for you.

Best way to Display Gundam Models?

There are several ways to display Gundam models, depending on your preferences and the amount of space you have available. Some popular options include:

  1. Display cases: These are clear acrylic or plastic cases that allow you to view the model from all angles while keeping it protected from dust and other damage. Some display cases come with lighting and rotating features.

  2. Display stands: These are clear acrylic or plastic stands that support the model at a slight angle, allowing you to view the model from below.

  3. Shelves: If you have a lot of models, you can display them on shelves. This is a good option if you want to show off your entire collection in one place.

  4. Wall mount: You can also use a wall mount to display your models on the wall. This is a good option if you have limited space.

  5. Light box: Lightboxes are a more unique way to display your models, it is a box with built-in lighting to showcase the model with a nice lighting effect.

  6. Custom diorama: You can also build a custom diorama to display your model, this will give you more creative freedom and the ability to build a unique display that showcases the model in an interesting and dynamic way.

Ultimately, the best way to display your Gundam models will depend on your personal preferences and the amount of space you have available. You could also try different ways of displaying your models and see what looks best.


At the end of the day, Gundam are a hobby, and as such should be enjoyed in whatever way makes you happy.

Gundam kits offer a great deal of flexibility allowing a wide range of age groups and skill levels to take part in the hobby and enjoy what Gunpla is all about.

Find what speaks to you and roll with it. Stick within your budget and skill range, and choose something that you like! From there you can elevate your game or try new things.

Remember, it's all about having FUN!

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