Gripping Beast Miniatures

Simona Gerasimovska

Posted on February 01 2022

Gripping Beast Miniatures

Gripping Beast covers a wide range of historical periods, ranging from the Diadochi Wars to the Crusades and even the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I. As they only produce miniature ranges that interest them, they can ensure that they get complete, historically accurate and high quality ranges that we are proud to sell and that our customers can buy with confidence.

We already have in store a box of Gripping Beast miniatures dedicated to the late period of the Roman Empire. With this box you can make legionnaires and auxiliaries of the IV, V and VI centuries including Arthurian Britons.

The box includes 8 matrices with 16 archers and 16 lancers without armor, plus 8 lancers with armor. There are alternative arms to replace spear arms with swords. It also includes two command dies with officer and standard holder.

Depending on the army that interests you, will be more or less options to choose miniatures. One thing we would like to highlight, and which we find of great interest to the undecided among various armies is that within the same era many troops are similar, that is, the peasants of the Normans were similar to the peasants of the Bretons or to the peasants of the Anglo-Saxons, distinguishing themselves more by the colors used or emblems. 

That being said, it is possible to have a common wardrobe of troops, a few cams with bow or warriors with spear, which could be used in different armies.

Another highlight in Gripping Beast are the plastic boxes, where they bring 40-44 miniatures for extremely low budget and the quality is not bad at all. The problem with these boxes is that there is not for all armies: there is a box of Dark Warrior, encompassing all the peasants and cams of the Dark Age, a box of Viking Hirdmen ideal for making armies of Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Jomsviking, a box of Saxons and the box of Arabs, very useful for the armies of the Reconquest era.

The boxes only have miniatures on foot, but they are very interesting to create certain armies and if you have a bit of skill, we can exchange pieces between one box and another to customize your army.

Check your Gripping Beast Miniatures collection and choose your army!


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