Green Stuff World - Dipping Inks!

Green Stuff World - Dipping Inks!
NEW IN STORE at Tistaminis - DIPPING INKS from Green Stuff World! These versatile speed paints come in a wide variety of shades & colours, and at $9.99 for 60ml they’re a great deal, even better than some of the other options available on the market. They work the same as the Contrast paints, are cheaper and last longer. What more could you ask for?

Dipping ink semi-transparent paints help you to shade your figures more quickly and easily over a single coat of paint. This all-in-one speed paint is a true one-coat painting solution offering rich shading, vibrant saturation, and an easy highlight simultaneously. Apply with a brush over a layer of matt white or a light colour to easily achieve realistic shadows in a single application of Dipping. You save time & still achieve a detailed shaded look!

The Dipping ink range is the best speedpainting solution on the market to contrast your miniatures and gain more time for the game. They are simple to use, just apply your white primer base coat, apply Dipping Inks in colour of your choice, then outline highlights with lighter colours for even more detail. Simple as that! These are also thin enough to use through an air brush, although you do lose some recessed shading when you apply them like that, a manual brush application is preferred for the effect. Dipping Inks have a dry time just like normal paints, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Dipping Inks can also be used by advanced painters taking advantage of its unique properties to mark shadows and volumes, blend and veil colours with ease, bring out the details of your figure quickly and use it as a starting point for more professional painting.

These paints have been designed in a 60ml pot so that you have enough product to paint entire armies with ease.These are acrylic inks, that means water soluble and can be mixed with acrylic paint.

So if you need vibrant speed paints for your models, from Misted Yellow to Radiant Orange to Glorious Magenta, even Hulky Green or Nightshade Purple, Dipping Inks are here for you at a great price!

You can check out a basic demo of these Dipping Inks in action here:

And a more advanced demo here:

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