Flames of War - Mid War Kasserine and Tobruk

Simona Gerasimovska

Posted on March 22 2022

Flames of War - Mid War Kasserine and Tobruk

Flames of War is one of the most popular table-top miniature war game. The responsible company for this production is Battlefront Miniatures Ltd, located in New Zealand. The set of rules for the first edition was published in 2002.

These war games offer players company-level battles from World War II theaters in  North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific, Players are able to use use 1/100 scale miniatures (15 mm figure scale) and miniature armor to enjoy the battlefront.

The Flames of War Starter Sets

New Starter Sets are available to enjoy the greatest wars, so let's start with the Kasserine first!

The Kasserine Starter Set involves the Americans and the Germans. This set offers you a whole host of tanks and guns including a complete rulebook and quick-start rulebook. 

On the other hand, The Tobruk Starter Set  introduces the British and the Italian forces. Similar o the Kasserine Starter Set, this one comes with plenty of plastic tanks and artillery, and of course, a core rulebook and quick start guide for beginners. 

You should not miss these sets, as they are the biggest joy of all miniatures and wars. Visit our shop and get your favorite set. Or even better, get the both sets and enjoy at the maximum!



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