Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus Well Painted - Commission (READ DESCRIPTION)

R$ 413,00

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Commission Basics and Lead Times

>This listing is for a pre-booked commission, the models may not ready and will need to be purchased and painted, which takes time.

>Our commissions are booked on average 3-months in advance, plus the time it takes to complete the project which is normally between 4-6 weeks. This item will not be ready to be shipped for approximately 4-5 months from the time of purchase.

>If the models are unavailable for purchase from Games Workshop, then this will extend the time period above. We can not estimate how long it will be for when Games Workshop will restock, in some cases it can be very long.

>If this is purchased with other items, the rest of the order will be held until everything is ready to be shipped together. This is not recommended. We recommend purchasing this on it's own. If purchased with a larger order, you may pay for additional shipping to have it shipped on it's own later once ready. 


>The models in the photos are a sample from our first commission for these. The ones you receive will be repainted to match the photos, and will be similar in fashion, unless otherwise specified.

>We can paint the models to a different theme, but around the same painting quality

>Customizations such as weapon loadouts, extra features, etc may be added, but may cost extra. 

Painted by : Ryan