TomyTec Little Armory 1/12 LD009 M2 Heavy Machine Gun New

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TomyTec Little Armory 1/12 LD009 M2 Heavy Machine Gun New

1/12 scale assembly kit "Little Armory" that combines realism and movable figures. As the first installable machine gun in the series, the masterpiece "Browning M2" of the heavy machine gun is three-dimensionalized with an anti-aircraft gun rack. It is a volume that can be enjoyed as a pure scale model.

M2 heavy machine gun designed by John Browning at the end of World War I. It is a heavy machine gun that is still active on the front lines even though nearly a century has passed. A huge 12.7x99mm bullet can be fired at about 500 rounds per minute with an effective range of 1830m. The body weight is 38 kg. It is a heavy-weight firearm that is incomparable to carrying weapons.

This kit is made up of a high waist anti-aircraft rack that is compatible with the M2HB body and the movable figure. Two sets of ammo boxes and 12.7mm belt links are included. The feed cover can be opened and closed. By replacing the trigger handle, it can be changed to a position for horizontal shooting.

  • Bronning M2HB main body
  • M63 anti-aircraft mount
  • Anti-air sighting device
  • 12.7mm ammunition belt link ×2
  • 12.7mm ammunition box for ammo