The Lord Of The Rings Card Game FIRE IN THE NIGHT New

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Band together and defend Hrogar’s Hill from the wrath of a terrible Dragon! The third Adventure Pack in the Ered Mithrin cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, in Fire in the Night you’ll battle the Dragon and her minions as you attempt to complete a variety of side quests, from holding the city’s gate to dousing the fires ignited by the dragon’s breath. Luckily, you’ll find a new Silvan hero and the legendary blade Orcrist among this pack’s player cards, giving you all the tools you need to stem the tide. Join the Woodmen and defend the town of Hrogar’s Hill from the wrath of a terrible Dragon A set aside deck of side quest cards gives you additional challenges as you fight the onslaught Includes a new Silvan hero bringing aid from the depths of Mirkwood This is an expansion. A copy of the following is needed to play: Lord of the Rings LCG Core Set; The Wilds of Rhovanlon deluxe expansion