Malifaux Neverborn Dreamer Core Box New

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The Malifaux Neverborn Dreamer Core Box is an essential starting point for anyone looking to build a crew around the Dreamer, one of the most iconic Masters in the Neverborn faction. Here is an overview of the contents and what you can expect:

Contents of the Dreamer Core Box

  • The Dreamer: The Dreamer is a unique Master in Malifaux, known for his ability to summon Nightmares and manipulate the battlefield with his whimsical yet terrifying powers. He can switch between his child form and his more sinister alter ego, Lord Chompy Bits.

  • Lord Chompy Bits: This is the Dreamer’s monstrous manifestation, a powerful and imposing model that brings significant offensive capabilities to the crew. When the Dreamer switches to Lord Chompy Bits, the dynamics of the game can change dramatically.

  • Nightmare Models: The box typically includes several Nightmare models, which are the Dreamer’s summoned minions. These can include:

    • Coppelius: A creepy figure with a penchant for stealing eyes, Coppelius is a versatile enforcer with strong melee attacks and terrifying abilities.
    • Daydreams: These small, flying minions support the Dreamer and other Nightmares with their mobility and various buffs or debuffs.
    • Insidious Madness: Disturbing entities that can manipulate the opponent's models and disrupt their plans with psychological attacks.

Key Features

  • Summoning Mechanic: The Dreamer excels in summoning Nightmares, allowing for a flexible and adaptive playstyle. This mechanic can overwhelm opponents with a constant influx of new models.
  • Dual Form: The ability to switch between the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits provides versatility, letting players adapt to different situations on the battlefield.
  • Synergy: The Dreamer’s crew is known for its strong internal synergy. The Nightmare models work well together, providing support and enhancing each other's strengths.

Strategic Tips

  • Utilize Summoning: Focus on summoning Nightmares to maintain board control and pressure your opponent. Manage the Dreamer's abilities to keep a steady flow of new models.
  • Control the Battlefield: Use the Dreamer’s unique abilities to manipulate the battlefield, creating advantageous positions for your crew while disrupting your opponent’s strategy.
  • Balance Forms: Master the timing of switching between the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits to maximize their impact. The Dreamer’s child form is great for summoning and control, while Lord Chompy Bits excels in direct combat.

The Dreamer Core Box is a fantastic starting point for players who enjoy a dynamic and adaptable playstyle, with a mix of summoning, control, and powerful combat capabilities.