HGUC 1/144 #170 Silver Bullet New

R$ 176,00

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High Grade (HG) Universal Century (UC) Silver Bullet (170) - 1/144 Scale

Release Date: Jan 2014


From the realm of Gundam UC Mobile Suit Variations comes the deadly Silver Bullet! This highly detailed and articulated snap-fit kit is molded in multiple shades of gray, with stickers for decoration. Display stand not included.

- Appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Bande Dessinee, the Silver Bullet is adapted from the powerful Doven Wolf. A more powerful Suit than its predecessor, the Silver Bullet features a variety of gimmicks to add to the build experience of this kit.
- Faceplate can be changed out to feature either the GM-style or Gundam-style head!
- Backpack is equipped with Beam Cannon deployment gimmick
- Large missile can be mounted on the Suit.
- Missile launcher hatch can be closed or opened.
- Suit equipped with INCOM storage gimmick.
- INCOM Wire effects and Stand included for dynamic action poses!
- Shield features telescoping gimmick.