HGUC 1/144 #148 Gundam Delta Kai New

R$ 186,00

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High Grade (HG) Universal Century (UC) Gundam Delta Kai (148) - 1/144 Scale

Release Date: Dec 2012


There have been HG versions of the beautiful Delta Plus and the blingy, gold-plated Delta Gundam, but this version of the Delta, called the Delta Kai (or custom) may be the best of all.  The Kai comes with the massive armament and backpack and like the other two Deltas transforms into its Wave Rider mode thanks to included parts from bandai.  Bandai even included little stands for the Fin Funnels!  Also packed into this larger than average HG box are the Long Mega Buster rifle, two Beam Sabers, and plenty of marking stickers.

- Gundam Delta Kai appearance has become a HG than [Mobile Suit Gundam UC MSV]. Aircraft

MS appeared popular games for PS3 in the Mobile Suit Gundam UC. The replacement parts,

To reproduce the variation of the wave rider form. And many other long Mega Buster further

Includes weapon. Proto fin funnel is detachable back, and with a dedicated base
Can also display of a single funnel.
- The back is equipped with two proto fin funnel.
- Is delivered with two beam saber. Beam portion is reproduced in clear plastic.
- Long Mega Buster can be attached to the back.
- As additional equipment for the shield, High Mega Cannon is attached. Reproduced detachable.
- Type variable prototype system equipped with a new community Sai Kai ... the Delta Gundam MSN-001X