Gamers Grass Autumn 5mm Wild Tufts

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Autumn 5mm Wild Tufts

Wild Tufts - (5mm x 70)

Gamers Grass Autumn 5mm Small Tufts are an excellent choice for adding realistic autumnal detail to your miniature bases and terrain. These tufts provide a subtle touch of fall, enhancing the visual appeal and immersion of your models.

Made from durable synthetic fibers that ensure longevity and ease of use. The tufts feature a mix of autumn colors, including shades of yellow, orange, and brown, capturing the natural look of grass during the fall season.

Each tuft comes with an adhesive backing, allowing for quick and simple attachment to your bases or terrain pieces.

Adds a natural and seasonal touch to your models, enhancing their visual appeal and creating a more immersive gaming environment. The 5mm height is perfect for smaller bases or for adding detailed undergrowth, providing a realistic texture without overwhelming the miniature.

Gamers Grass Autumn 5mm Small Tufts are perfect for hobbyists and modelers looking to create detailed and thematic bases for their miniatures. These tufts bring a subtle, seasonal touch to your models, making them stand out on the gaming table and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your gaming experience.