Bandai Star Wars 1/72 X-WING STARFIGHTER RED5 New

R$ 186,00

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The X-Wing Starfighter inherited from Luke in "Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker" is now available on 1/72 scale!

Details and coloring are faithfully reproduced by Iropla molding, water slide decals, and marking stickers.
Reproduce the characteristic internal details such as the mechanical details on the upper surface of the rear and various sensors inside the nose cone.
Reproduce the pilot parts of Ray with new modeling.
Implantation leg parts are included and reproduced by switching between unfolding and storing.
Two types of canopies are included, one with a clear material and one with a frame only.
A clear green pedestal that imagines the sea area where the X wing was hidden and a simple white pedestal are included.

Dedicated display base x 2 types (clear green, white)
Pilot parts x 1 (Ray [sitting])
Implantation leg x 1 set
Canopy x 2 types (clear parts x 1, frame parts x 1)
Water slide decal x 1
Marking sticker x 1