Artel Miniatures Spectral Spinners Squad (5 warriors+leader) New

R$ 248,00

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The last thing any foe of the Starborn Ancients is most likely to see is a Spectral Spinner jumping out of nowhere to cut a useless thread of a hostile life. And with a bit of luck you can see a whole squad - five elusive, unexpected and almost invincible fighters headed by their Leader

Set of мiniatures for wargames, collecting and role-playing games. Consists of 46 parts for five Spectral Spinners Warriors and one Squad Leader (you can choose option for 10 warriors+1 Leader), including optional torsos and weapons for the Leader. There are 2 Males and 3 Females warriors in the squad, Leader can be assembled as Male or Female.

Sculpted by Artel W`s sculpting team

Scale: 28mm.
Average Size: about 37mm.
Material: high quality resin.

Miniatures is unpainted, unassembled, 25mm bases included.