Magnets 40x3mm (x1)
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Magnets 30x2mm (x1)
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Magnets 20x1mm (x1)
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Army Painter Miniature and Model Magnets New
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Green Stuff World Rotation Magnets - Size S New
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Magnets are small, cylindrical objects made of metal that are used in the miniatures hobby to allow for easy customization and interchangeability of miniature parts. Magnets are often used in conjunction with pinning to create a more stable bond between different parts of a miniature, such as arms, weapons, or heads. They are also used to create removable terrain features, such as doors, walls, and other obstacles. Magnets come in various sizes and strengths, and can be easily applied to plastic, metal, or resin miniatures using glue or adhesive. Magnets provide hobbyists with a versatile and effective way to customize and improve their miniature collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How are magnets used in the miniatures hobby?

    Magnets are commonly used in the miniatures hobby to create a modular system that allows for easy customization and interchangeability of parts. Here are some specific ways magnets can be used in this hobby:

    1.Weapon swaps: Magnets can be used to attach weapons to a miniature's arm or hand. By using magnets, the weapon can be easily swapped out for a different one without damaging the miniature.

    2.Modular terrain: Magnets can be used to attach terrain pieces together, making it easier to create and reconfigure a gaming table.

    3.Transporting miniatures: Magnets can be used to securely attach miniatures to a carrying case or display board, preventing them from moving or falling over during transport.

    4.Assembly: Magnets can be used to hold parts of a miniature together while glue dries. This is particularly useful for complex or heavy models that may be difficult to hold together by hand.

    Overall, magnets offer a versatile and practical solution for a variety of needs in the miniatures hobby, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in the creation and use of miniatures and terrain.