Warhammer 40K: Aeldari

Simona Gerasimovska

Posted on May 11 2022

Warhammer 40K: Aeldari

If you are a board game enthusiast means you are probably familiar with the order of the Warhammer 40K: Aeldari. 

But if you are a newbie in the Warhammer Community and you don’t have much knowledge on fractions you may be all in question marks. Who are these Aeldari guys? And what’s the fuss around them all about? 

Before you start googling and putting your menal health at risk, stop for a second, take a deep breath and read on. 

Who are the Aeldari?

The Aeldari, or Eldar to us Mon-keigh are guilty at being and ancient, but exceptionally advanced race of people. Once upon a time they were so powererful that they had an Empire to govern all throughout the entire known galaxy.  At its peak, this Empire was unrivaled, enclosing both realspace and the Webway — a labyrinth of extradimensional space split apart by the Old Ones millennia ago. Although some Aeldari still live within these twisted channels, they now use them to travel faster than the speed of light.

The Aeldari controlled over everything they looked at, and everyone of them was a formidable psyker. When their spirits left their bodies, they re-entered the Immaterium to be resurrected in a new form, making them practically eternal.

Excuberating in longevity and many talents they could live their lives following their passions and pursuing their dreams. They lived led by hedonistc principles, indulging in immoral, seeking and longing for perfection in their every deed. The Aeldari psyche's extremes, mixed with arrogance and debauchery that permeated throughout their Empire, led to their demise. The chaos god Slaanesh, often known as 'She Who Thirsts,' was created.

Many a worlds were diminished by the birth of a chaos deity, which chewed the heart out of the Aeldari Empire. Slaanesh slew a large number of Aeldari and vanquished their gods, imprisoning or scattering the remains of their pantheon. Furthermore, where the Aeldari were formerly immortal, Slaanesh now claims their souls to keep her alive.They are forever lost having no soul stones or infinity circuits to protect their souls.

As their Empire crumbled, the Aeldari run and splitted all around the realm in order to keep their heads. The vast civilisation disintegrated into various groups. Every single one of them evolved dependent on how they chose to endure She Who Thirsts' predation.

The Aeldari Factions

The Aeldari scattered into five fractions, each of them being victim to their own pride. Combating and facing tragedy and malice throught all their existance they are still fighting not to vanish. 

Who are these five notorious fractions?

Read on to find out. 


Craftworld Aeldari, or Asuryani Asuryani,  have fled away from their homerealm, which was destroyed soon after they left. The Empire's remains have dispersed across the cosmos. These Aeldari, linked by the webway, aim to shield themselves from Slaanesh by following the Asuryani Path's strict behavioral guidelines. They protect their spirits by transferring their spirits to soul stones after death. The Alaitoc, Saim-Hann, Biel-Tan, Ulthwé, Iyanden are the five most politically prominent Craftworlds.


The Laughing God Cegorach is served by the dancing, performing, and lethal Harlequins. Slaanesh's thirst is quenched by their God's power, and they defend the Black Library. This is the Aeldari Empire's accumulated knowledge, particularly what they know about Chaos, tucked in deep into the webway. The Harlequin troupes travel across all of the Aeldari factions, spreading and preserving the knowledge that is at the heart of their civilization.


These Aeldari made their home in Commorragh, a webway city. Instead of following stringent regulations to avoid Slaanesh, the Drukhari use the Path of Damnation to protect themselves. They thrive on their victim’s anguish, torturing their preys and inflicting emotional and bodily pain. This gruesome method repels Slaanesh's soul-sucking pull.


Ynnead, the partially awakened God, and all its devotess coming from all Aeldari factions have gathered to form the newest group. The Ynnari, led by High Priestess Yvraine, fight for their god's full awakening. Their thoughts are that Ynnead will destroy Slaanesh and bring the Aeldari back to greatness. Slaanesh does not scare them because their souls are united with Ynnead when they die.


One of the Aeldari fractions who have fled from the primeval homerealms are the ones known as Exodites.They established settlements on faraway, luxuriant, uncolonized planets. These Aeldari have taken up residence in these Maiden Worlds. They avoid succumbing to somber forces which resulted in The Fall. They lead more difficult lifestyles having minor technologigal advances, unlike their forefathers. On their deathbeds, their sould travel and unite with their Maiden Worlds’ spirit, staying, as always, far away and safe from the claws of Slaanesh.

Game style 

The Aeldari are mean opponents on the board. Because of the almighty Farseers and the Warlock conclaves who come to their aid, they exuberate wit psychic powers. These powerful heroes team together to destroy their foes while bolstering their army's nucleus of fast infantry.

Most Aeldari troops, from Aspect Warriors to Fire Prisms, can move quickly and attack powerfully, but they can't withstand much return fire. Aeldari forces are incredibly mobile, like a specialized scalpel that can use enormous force to figh and kill their potent and, by far more dominant opponent.

A lot of renown troops excel at a single battlefield duty, serving an attentive commander who can adapt on the fly.

Additionally, Harlequins must be handled and introduced with the greatest of attentiveness and accuracy. They cavort across the battlefield, playing the surprise card as their secret yet deadly weapon, being faster and dedadlier than ever.  

12+. WARNING. 

Not recommended for children under the age of 36 months. Small components. Pointed components are necessary.

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