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Posted on August 13 2022


The latest Warcry Box set has arrived!
The Heart of Ghur new boxed set has arrived and available for 15% off - $238CDN.

The latest contents of the starter set include two new warbands, the Horns of Hashut and the Rotmire Creed Warband. Both offer aesthetics of cultists and tribes. They are vicious looking and prepared to spill blood in the glory of battle. 

Also included in the new box set is the new updated core book, rot and run warband tome, game board, terrain, and a host of cards and tokens needed to play the game. 

Warcry Heart of Ghur contents


What is Warcry?

Warcry games start by randomly generating battle plans. There are four decks of cards or roll charts, if you don't have one that generate "twists" that can do anything from changing terrain layouts, mission victory conditions, stakes, and moves to adding wandering attack monsters.

This system adds to the dynamic field, meaning no two games are the same. Once you get started, you need to divide your warband into three groups. Deployments in Warcry are diverse. Drawn deployment cards determine where each group is deployed, and are usually mixed with enemy groups.

Each player takes turns activating individual models that can move and fight across the playing field. The terrain is vertical and interactive. During combat, models can be found jumping on and off platforms and catwalks. Combat is determined by a single dice throw, where high roll value means high damage.

Warcry is a great stepping stone into the Age of Sigmar universe, but with a completely different gameplay and tempo.

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