Victory at Sea Starter Set Battle of the Pacific By Warlord Games

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Posted on August 25 2021

Victory at Sea Starter Set Battle of the Pacific By Warlord Games

Review By Wasteland Games

War ! It is World War II and the juggernaut of miniature gaming Warlord Games has released an excellent starter set for those that want to dive into the water and enter the fantastic world of naval fleet miniature gaming. While this starter set has been out for a couple of years, this excellent set expands from the bolt action series and opens the door for gaming on both land and sea by playing the 28mm bolt action game and now Victory at Sea! 

I picked up the Battle for the Pacific starter box from Tistaminis during a fantastic July summer day and could not wait to open up the box. Warlord Games first released this set at the end of Oct 2020 and has been continuing to release expansions ever since. I plan to pick up a few of the key historical ships including the Yamato and Bismark. The name “Victory at Sea” might be familiar to some people, apparently Mongoose Games had published a rulebook with the same name in 2006.

With the plastic wrap off the box it was time to check out the starter set, Warlord Games does an excellent job of packing and has a flair for quality control. 

While opening the box I was greeted with several bubble wrapped packs that contained the ships, and a baggie that had all of the tokens and ship cards. One great thing is the warlord employees leave little cards in each package with their names on them so you know each one was checked before going into the big box. A really nice touch!

The rule book is about 30 pages, it is very well laid out and will get the beginner right into a great game, with the 15 miniature ships included this starter set is exactly what you need to dive right into the world of warship gaming on the table top. I certainly plan on buying the hardcover book that contains more advanced rules.



The 15 resin ships are highly detailed overall, for the US side the starter set includes the USS Indianapolis 1944, USS Northampton 1942, USS Chicago 1942 as well as several smaller destroyers. For the Japanese fleet, sorry there is no Yamato in the box as this is a starter set right? You get the Mogami 1939, Kumano 1944, Furutake 1939 and 3 Fubuki Class destroyers.


With the ships being resin and some of them quite large, the boats will need some sanding as well as a drop into some warm water to try and reduce some of the warpage that seems to be affecting the miniatures ability to be completely flat.

Overall, this is a great starter set from Warlord Games and perfect for gamers that want to start a fleet of their own as well as just learn the game. Unfortunately I discovered I am missing some parts for the Fletcher-Class Destroyers so will have to contact customer service for some help! 


Check out the video review below.


Victory At Sea Warlord Games Starter Set Unboxing - Battle for the Pacific



  • A4 Battle of the Pacific Rules manual
  • Die-cut game tokens sheet
  • 15 Warlord Resin / Resin model ships:
    • USS Indianapolis 1944
    • USS Northampton 1942
    • USS Chicago 1942
    • Mogami 1939
    • Kumano 1944
    • Furutaka 1939
    • Fubuki-class Destroyer x3
    • Fletcher-class Destroyer x 6
  • Ship Cards and damage sliders x 15
  • Ten-sided dice x 4
  • Six-sided dice x 12
  • A0 Sea Mat x2

Thank you! 

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